wins Confluent Data Streaming Startup Challenge

After presenting to a judging panel of leading venture capital firms such as Sequioa Capital, Benchmark Capital and Index Ventures along with Confluent executives, comes away with the win!

Back in September 2023, Confluent, leaders in data streaming technology, launched the Data Streaming Startup Challenge to identify innovative early stage startups that are using data streaming to solve real world challenges.They backed this up with a $1M prize pool for the finalists!

When we became aware of the competition, we figured that we may as well throw our hat in the ring, as data streaming is the beating heart of creating real time digital twins.

In January we reached the top 10 semi-finalists, in February the final 3, and today we were announced as the winners of the Confluent Data StreamingStartup Challenge along with a $500,000 investment from Confluent!!!

Over the past few weeks, each of the 3 finalists presented pitches to a judging panel including senior executives from Confluent, but also some of the industries leading venture capital firms such as Sequioa Capital, BenchmarkCapital, and Index Ventures.

They were looking for companies that were solving real world problems, that had the opportunity to make a difference in their industry and scaleacross different use cases.


At, we are creating the next generation digital twin platform for venues, live events and beyond.

Today, most events run on spreadsheets and radios. But if you want to ensure safety and security, be efficient in your operations and create great experiences for your guests, you need real time information.

Our platform allows you to create a virtual 3D model – a digital twin -that mirrors physical objects, systems, or a whole venue, all in real-time.

Simply seeing live data on a 3D map radically improves your understanding of what is happening. It improves your situational awareness andallows you to make better, faster decisions.

AI helps us to make it simple to create and manage the digital twin, acting as architect and data analyst for our users.


Winning the Confluent Data Streaming Startup Challenge is fantastic validation for what we are building, particularly given a judging panel that includes such experienced venture firms who see literally thousands of startups.

It will allow us to accelerate our vision to make digital twins easy and cost effective for a whole range of venues and live events that have never had access to this type of technology.

We are just getting started!

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