West Yorkshire Police

Race Safety

TwinLabs are enabling WYP to monitor the whereabouts of public safety personnel and vehicles from various police forces, along with identifying potential hazards.

West Yorkshire Police, leveraging their success in overseeing safety at events like the Tour de France, Tour de Yorkshire, and UCI World Championships, now plays a leading role in similar events nationwide. Prioritizing public and rider safety, they've partnered with TwinLabs utilising our real-time platform providing officers with instant race, route, and personnel information. This SaaS platform ensures consistent access to up-to-the-second data for all vehicles, allowing officers to swiftly respond and minimize disruptions to local communities. Digitally mapping road hazards in advance and updating in real-time enhances hazard management throughout the race. The platform facilitates seamless collaboration among organizers, race marshals, and police, ensuring the execution of safe and successful events.

“ Looking after a large convoy of resources responsible for creating the sterile ‘rolling road closure’ for Professional Cycle Races is challenging at times, needing to know where up to 30 resources are at any given point in a dynamically changing scene required an innovative approach.  

Working with the team at TwinLabs they have developed a digital Twin of the event which allows me and the planning team add hazards, waypoints to planned route information which when brought together with live tracking allows our distributed team to keep the riders and public safe and never take a wrong turn! “, commented Duncan.

This real-time information empowers them to establish a protective perimeter around races, ensuring the safety of riders and spectators while minimizing disruptions.