Staying on top of live events with digital twins

Nothing matches the organised chaos of a sports event. Bringing together multiple organisations to effectively collaborate so they safely deliver a successful event is already challenging. Throw in the inherent unpredictability of elite sports and you have a recipe for chaos. How do the very best event organisers make it work?

Running a major sports event means bringing together specialist businesses around broadcast production, athlete safety and support, venue security, fan safety, merchandising, food & beverage...its a long list. Add to that the need to coordinate with local and national emergency services including police, medical, local and regional public services... Behind the action we all enjoy on our TVs or at the venue is a whole army of teams that need to be tightly coordinated and managed to deliver the sporting spectacles we love.

Traditionally, these events are low-tech affairs, run on clipboards and radios. With so many teams and different technologies involved, its always been in the "too hard, too expensive" category to do anything else. But crackly radios are poor at transmitting information and they don't bring all that information together into a single place. There are many challenges to solve in running a live sporting event, but top of the list is simply knowing where everything and everyone is. Right now. With a single view of the whole event the event manager is empowered to make decisions and actually run the event rather than just hoping everyone does their job.

That's where digital twins come in. Companies like NTT Data use them to build and run the operations applications that get used at some of the biggest sporting events in the world.

The platform lets an event operator create a real-time virtual model - a digital twin - of the event.

  • Pre-built integrations to the most common systems used at events? Yes!
  • Bring that data together for a live view across the event? Yes!
  • Visualise it on a map so that even the least technical event staff can understand what is happening? Yes!
  • Stop the chaos of trying to manage everything over the radio? Yes!

So if you've been enjoying the road cycling Spring Classics with all the amazing athletes and drama, give a thought to the small army that makes that all happen safely - through the use of digital twins.
Digital Twins made easy!

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